What is the Loyal to Local Challenge?

The Challenge begins July 1st! Follow and play along.

The Challenge begins July 1st! Follow and play along.

For the month of July (which is also Independent Retailer Month, yay!), we are challenging shoppers to track closely their retail spending and promote local buying on social media using the hashtag #LoyaltoLocal.

Our regional partners are forming teams to help us measure and demonstrate the power of making conscious decisions to buy local. But anyone can play along! We highly encourage you to join in on the social media fun and tell the world why you are loyal to local spending.


Team participants will be required to track their local retail good shopping for the month of July by keeping their receipts/a spending log and turning in their total amount spent at the end of each week.

“Local” includes regional shopping in any of our five counties (Woodford, Tazewell, Mason, Logan, and Peoria) or neighboring areas. 

Team members must must make (a minimum of) 1-2 weekly social media posts about their experience using the hashtags #ShopLocal365 and #LoyaltoLocal so that we can follow their experience.

This shopping includes all local retail goods, chain or independent, but excludes online (non-local). Additionally, if a product is purchased online, it should be noted so we can identify potential gaps in local offerings or awareness of local availability.


When the challenges ends at the close of the month, we will have real data to report. Using this data, we hope to demonstrate the economic and community impact that each of us can make with our spending habits. Furthermore, we hope to generate more awareness and excitement around our local establishments.

PARTICIPATING Partner/Community Teams

Peoria County
Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council
Washington Chamber of Commerce

These teams have agreed to participate in the Loyal to Local challenge and provide total spend amounts that can be reported out to the community. Keeping in the spirit of this regional initiative, we are not looking for to have the teams compete against to each other. Rather, we will report on the total dollar amount accumulated by all teams.

Total spend for 6 of 7 teams:


Stay tuned for more facts and figures on the impact these dollars can have in our community.

A dollar spent at an independent retailer is usually spent six to fifteen times in the community before heading out of town. Just $1 can create $5 to $14 of value in the immediate area.
— South Dakota Rural Enterprise, Inc