Why Shop Local?

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Strength in Community

As American consumer culture continues to prioritize online retailers over local stores, the people of Greater Peoria are forming their own shopping culture — one that positions our communities for long-term success.


When making any purchase of goods or services, the community-minded people of this great Midwest region think first about where they can spend that money locally — in the communities where we live and work.

  • We think first about how those hard-earned dollars can stay right here and continue to serve our needs instead of ending up in the pockets of strangers in far away places.

  • We know that those dollars continue to work for us by funding critical public services and by making our communities vibrant places where business can thrive.

  • We know that we are the only ones capable of building a strong economy from the inside out.

In Greater Peoria, we know that by shopping more consciously, we can each do our part - 365 days a year - to contribute to the growth of Greater Peoria. When we all commit to this, the impact on the community is massive.

Sales taxes keep communities safe and uphold quality of life.

Sales tax revenue accounts for a large portion of our region’s city and county budgets. When sales tax declines, public services and employment often have to be cut in accordance.


Local small businesses will more often utilize the services of other small businesses in the community. This re-circulation of money is a little-known, yet extremely valuable feature of our local economy. As this money passes through more hands in the local economy, more and more people locally benefit from it.

One million dollars, entering the local economy and circulating ten times, acts like ten million…increasing revenue and income opportunities for other local businesses. However, money in the local economy stops circulating at the point an outside purchase is made.

Buying online ultimately exports consumer dollars outside of the region. One million dollars spent in this way derives only a one-time use of such funds in the local economy, rather than several million.


Shop Local Partners

The Shop Local 365 campaign is a regional partnership among several teams throughout the five-county region of Greater Peoria. The campaign is dedicated to educating the public on the importance and impact of shopping local 365 days a year. Below are some of the partners who are working together to help build a stronger local economy.

Woodford County





Greater Peoria Economic development council

City of Peoria

Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce

East Peoria Chamber of Commerce

Havana Chamber of Commerce

Morton Chamber of Commerce

Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce

Washington Chamber of Commerce


Shop Local Resources

Want to find out more about why shopping local matters?

Looking to help us share the message? Download any of the resources below and spread the word.

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Research shows a strong correlation between the percentages of locally-owned businesses and personal + community health and vitality.

— amiba